Comparing Mataroa with other platforms

In this matrix we compare some of the features of various hosted blogging platforms.

This is not a comprehensive list. It’s a selection to highlight the differences that we think are interesting.

Mataroa Substack WordPress Medium Ghost
Core blogging features
Comments (debatable) (via integrations)
Open source
Newsletter (via plugins)
Paid subscribers (via plugins)
Ad revenue for author1 (via integrations)
Redirect to new domain3
Recurring auto-export3 (via plugins) (via integrations)
Export for self-hosting3 (via plugins) (via integrations)
  1. We never plan to support anything related to ads.
  2. Having no themes or extensions is part of our minimalism philosophy.
  3. We have a strong commitment to vendor independence, by offering three features that make leaving mataroa possible, easy, and risk-free.