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It’s midnight on a summer Friday. You are siting in the garden with your other half watching the stars. Random thoughts come and go except one — it’s the most brilliant thought you had all week! Solid thought; almost complete, only details remain unresolved. You want to write about it. But where?

Whilst weighing the options, an inescapable realisation monopolises your System 2: this is an idea worth writing in a blog.

You knew this day would come. Now you have to setup a blog. But where? All blog platforms, one way or another, come up short. The future is self published. But you want to just write! Not choosing between static site generators and hosting providers.

Enter the blogging un-platform.

With mataroa you can start writing immediately, and worry later about the long term future of your blog. Feel free to write as much as you want, and when you are ready to own your bytes, click EXPORT and you will be immediately offered to download a zip archive containing all your posts in a Zola directory scaffolding (or Hugo, or just markdown files). Just unzip, `cd`, run `zola serve`, and enjoy a real craftsman’s ownership. What a joy!

Or feel free to also stay. Enjoy our inexpensive hosting ($9 per year), with JavaScript-optional functionality, zero tracking, two cookies (CSRF and session) and lightning fast service.

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Start your blog!view example blog